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About Me

For me, yoga is my medicine.  My healing.


A place where I find the peace and the time to connect with myself deep within.


I found yoga during a very challenging period of life, at first hesitant, but by getting to know it, it quickly became the friend I needed.


I tried a number of classes and for me the Ashtanga method made sense, it felt both like coming home and finding home.  


Since that day, I have dedicated time every day to self-practice.

That seems very  challenging but what a blessing to dedicate the first hour’s each day to ones own well-being, ones own prayer and listening within.


This is a significant commitment and I was exceptionally grateful to be able to draw upon the ‘skill’ of dedication learnt in my previous career as a professional Oboe player.

" This yoga is not for exercise. Yoga is showing where to look for the soul - that is all."   - Sri K Pattabhi Jois

How I found Yoga

Despite living in Izmir -a city of 4 million people, there was no teacher and as so I learned the primary series with the beautiful teaching of David Swenson’s DVD.  Around this time, I also started practicing with Ünsal Özcan and while reading the book ‘Guruji’ by Eddi Stern, where students described their experience with him, I knew I wanted to practice with Dena Kingsberg. With my passions ignited I travelled to her Shala in Australia; a commitment I try to repeat annually. I also practise with; Şenol Topuz, Canan Özcan, Hamish Hendy, David Swenson, Harmony Slater, Laruga Glase and my beloved teacher Kristina Karitinou from Ireland, with whom I finished both first and second series teacher training.


The now

With this wealth of passions, personalities and practice behind me I’m very happy to finally create my own Website and become ‘visible’.

This has not been a process without challenges and over the years I have struggled to find the confidence to teach: Was I ready? How could I best share what I love? I haven’t been practising 30 years, I have not mastered the 4th series and worst of all

I haven’t been to Mysore to practice with Sharath… yet!


But here I am, with a lot to tell, a lot to share, and ready to inspire.


One day I will travel to Mysore to practise with Sharath but until this day I remain dedicated to daily self practice and  traveling to practice with teachers that are for now easier to reach - whilst managing a family life with 3 children. Yoga is all about balance and the decisions that work for you at this moment!

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