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About Me

About Me

For me, yoga is my medicine. My healing.


A place where I find the peace and the time to connect with myself deep within.


I found yoga during a very challenging period of life,  at first hesitant , by getting to know it, it quickly became the friend I needed.


I tried a number of classes and for me the Ashtanga method made sense,

it felt both like coming home and finding home.  


Since that day, I have dedicated time every day to self-practice.





Yoga is a philosophy of life which also has the potential to create a vibrantly healthy body and mind. It has no bad effects when working with (and never against) our breath. The breath cannot be overemphasized in the yogic practise. We enter this world with our first inhalation and leave it with our last exhalation. To breathe is the most fundamental act, to be connected to our source of life and to ourselves. Using the breath makes us able to become still, aware and sensitive for what is already there. Our spiritual practise gives us tools to deal with life’s challenges most importantly to overcome fear. Yoga can get us through life's rough patches, it brings happiness to us and to those around us. By living a Yogic life, we practise compassion. Compassion guides us through our practices and teaching.


I think we all have an idea what Yoga is, but what it really is, is very personal.

Maybe we all want to understand ourselves a bit better and find answers to our questions:


How can I remove negativity?

How can I find peace?

How to sleep better, fight injury?

Escape from unhappy patterns?


The practice has many wonderful benefits but developing ourselves can also bring up a lot of emotions and thoughts

that we might find difficult to handle.


Because the postures (Asanas) are far from a physical workout, they affect our emotions, they help us face our fears and over time we experience calm. If we look deeply, they can have a cleansing and purifying impact. Breathing happens now, in this very moment, and brings our awareness to the fundermentals of our life.


The spiritual practise is a personal path. We need to consciously decide to walk it.

Certainly, we need teachers, help and guidance, but ultimately, it’s your own journey.


To practise Yoga requires discipline and self-inquiry as well the ability to trust and let go. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s breath.

Teaching Ashtanga Yoga for me is sharing what helps and works for me. It’s sharing the love for what Yoga develops in each individual. It’s facilitates an opening,  a challenge and inspires those who want to step into the centre of their being,

to experience their own potential.


The continuity of deep even breathing is called Ujjai. When breath feeds action and action feeds posture each movement becomes gentle and precise and perfectly steady. Both the inhalation and exhalation are steady and even, the length of both should be the same.


Is the place where to look while in the posture. It purifies and stabilizing the functioning of the mind.


It is said that where there is no effort there is no benefit. Strength stamina and sweat are important and essential aspects of this traditional Yoga. This demanding practise requires considerable effort and taps into and circulates vital energy throughout the body strengthening the nervous system. The mind then becomes lucid and capabable of precision.

Traditionally we practice 6 days a week, take rest on one day a week and on full and new moon. For me personally it was never difficult to keep going and achieving, but to letting go, truly listen to my personal needs.



Dagmar Falk Ashtanga Yoga

Tel: 0543 827 79 66


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