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Mysore Style

Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally taught ‘Mysore Style’ and is the most impactful approach in learning and understanding the practise. The name Mysore is derived from the actual city located in southern India where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois lived studied, taught and raised his family for most of his life.

Mysore is a supervised self-practise where the Asanas (postures) are introduced and taught one at a time.  The student easily memorizes the sequence with both confidence and comfort, ultimately building the skills to move through the practice in turn establishing a sense of empowerment, steadiness and calm. In class the student will advance at their own rate with the guidance of an experienced teacher. Your practice is fully individualized, working with you body and emotions on a day to day basis. There will always be guidance and support when needed and it is consistently the teachers goal to meet the need of each student the very best of their abilities. All students are welcome in Mysore class. At the heart of this method all level of experience can inpart the teachings of the practise no matter the limitation. In fact, in Mysore the teacher can better suit the needs of those who needs special attention or guidance in learning. It’s a private class in a group setting.

We don’t practise to have a ‘good’ practise, but instead to keep steadiness within ourselves. Practice happily regardless of whether or not it is good or not. Sometimes postures will not be possible, on other days they will feel easy. But when we accept the good and the bad everything becomes equal… it is Yoga.


Primary Series postures


Opening Chant and closing chant recording


Many thanks to

Kristina Karitiou - Ireland

Nadja Labudda

Olivia Isabella

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Kathrin Schuler and Seyhan

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